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How does it work?

How does it work?

As a matter of fact, the stretching principle of the Training Machine differs completely from all sports equipment introduced on the market nowadays.  Almost all training machines in modern gyms focus on compression, strength and pressure. What we offer is a completely novel approach to sports exercises using a stretching and relaxation method. You notice the benefit of exercises immediately, after the first workout you feel as if your body starts working and gets new qualities. If something was hurting, clamped, or difficult to turn or there were crackles, now it starts functioning again without extra effort. At the same time, a client has nice feelings. A previous loss of flexibility and muscle tone awaken.

The Training Machine “PRAVILO-GYMNASTIC”/ “GYMNASTIC-RULE” is a new type of sporting equipment that is only entering the Russian market. We are one of the first companies that learned how to manufacture these machines professionally!

Those, who feel the flow, will be able to attract more clients in the gym and leave competitors behind. (See the statistics below).


The training machine “GYMNASTIC-RULE” is used for symmetrical stretching of your whole body. As soon as  spinal cord compression disappears, all related problems vanish.  The muscles stretch at their maximum and then relax. All muscles, tendons and inner organs start working correctly. Ligaments, tendons and fascial system become active and release energy as well as force function.


If you do exercises using “GYMnastic-Rule” regularly, it enhances the mobility of joints, body tone and flexibility; the locomotor apparatus starts working perfectly well; it makes your muscles, tendons, bones stronger and improves the posture. When combined with breathing techniques, you achieve a deep relaxation as it is very important in our stressful life. All the strain you had before will almost relieve after the first workout. Stretching exercises on “GYMnastic-Rule” influence all muscles in the body which are not active in our everyday life. Even when you go to the fitness studio, ordinary exercise machines and crossbars do not have such a stretching effect.

Workouts can be undertaken in two steps.

Step 1:  when a client is hung on the training machine using the body weight only.

Step 2 (advanced): when a client uses suspension weight that increases the body stretching upon the body weight.


Contact us if you want to buy a training machine “GYMNASTIC-RULE”. Our training machine can be made in a unique colour especially for you. Write down the RAL-colour from a catalog or send photographs. The production of your exercise machine takes 12 days. Also you can come to us to see a presentation of the equipment and have a trial workout before purchasing.

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Rent a simulator

You can rent an exercise machine Rule from us for installation in your gym. We will train your employees to work on our simulators.
You will also receive:
– training program
– sales training for trainings specifically on the “Rule-GYMnastic”
– free advertising on our website and social networks of your club
– free service

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Apply for a franchise

You can join a profitable business and participate in a rapidly growing project with us.

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Rent a place in your club

Do you have a big club? Would you like to offer your clients a new direction for training, but all your instructors are busy with their directions?
Then we can rent a place for our simulator from you! We ourselves will bring and install the “Rule-GYMnastic” in your club, our instructor will work on it and your clients will be satisfied!
After long tests in the sports clubs of Yekaterinburg, we are convinced of the popularity of our simulators so much that we are ready to pay rent to you for the opportunity to supply our equipment to you. If you are interested in new trends in the sports and fitness industry and would like to see our equipment in your home – just write or call us!

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Introductory training session on the simulator

Dear friends! If you want to work out on the unique modern simulator “Rule-GYMnastic” just call or write to us!
We will definitely welcome you to one of our centers!

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