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Exercise on the training apparatus

Занятия на тренажёре Правило

Dear friends!

If you want to work out on the unique modern simulator “Rule-GYMnastic” just call or write to us! We will definitely welcome you to one of our centers!

Call Back

We have been using the training machine Gymnastic-Rule by ABVGroup for about one year. During this period, a special community of people who love this training machine has appeared in our club. There are mainly women so they all like it. They are satisfied with a new program. We use this training machine in line with Wellness programs.

Wellness Club “Happy”

When we got the training machine and the very first workouts with several trained coaches were held, all our coaches (after getting results) wanted to have an opportunity to work with it as well. As a result, a 3-day educational seminar for 13 people was organized. We did not expect that this training machine would be so popular!

Ultra Family Fitness

We were the pioneers who installed the training machine Gymnastic-Rule in our two new clubs. We do not regret it. For over a year, our clients are experiencing the wonderful world of Gymnastic-Rule. Therefore, the quality of life is improving at incredible speed! The quantity of individual workouts is increasing so it shows how useful it is among our clients.

Powerhouse GYM

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